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The GEOSS Ten-Year Implementation Plan

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The GEOSS ten-year implementation plan forms the internationally agreed work basis of the Group on Earth Observations. It was adopted at the third Earth Observation Summit on 16 February 2005 in Brussels by ministers and high government representatives. It is based on many existing strategies of the various earth observation initiatives, such as IGOS, the Integrated Global Observing Strategy, or CEOS, the Committee for Earth Observing Satellites. Meanwhile more than 77 states, the European Commission and 56 international organisations, dealing with earth observation support the plan. A reference document for the GEOSS plan gives details for its implementation and serves as framework for the annual workplans.

The GEOSS ten-year plan not only describes the organizational structure, the GEO, but also uncovers current deficits and action needed in the international earth observation as well as the benefits within nine socio-economic areas, including:

  • Reducing loss of life and property from natural and human-induced disasters,
  • Understanding environmental factors affecting human health and well-being,
  • Improving management of energy resources,
  • Understanding, assessing, predicting, mitigating, and adapting to climate variability and change,
  • Improving water resource management through better understanding of the water cycle,
  • Improving weather information, forecasting and warning,
  • Improving the management and protection of terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems,
  • Supporting sustainable agriculture and combating desertification,
  • Understanding, monitoring and conserving biodiversity.

> GEOSS Ten-Year Implementation Plan

> Reference Document for the GEOSS Plan




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